These are the "Frequently Asked Questions" for this email service

What should I do to prevent people from viewing my inbox?
Use the masked emailaddresses for receiving mails (displayed below your inbox) or choose a name which is not easy to guess, for example: "my729-jhon_doe-inbox". If someone knows the name he can view the e-mails.

What is your privacy policy?
Simple, there is NO privacy! All emails are considered public domain and can be viewed by anyone.

How long are the emails stored?
All messages are stored as long as you like, but if a mailbox exceeds 2000 messages, the oldest messages are deleted.

The attachment is not displayed, what could be wrong?
Attachments are not saved to prevent virusses from injecting your computer by downloading malicious attachments.

Why can't I send to multiple addresses
This is to avoid spamming, you can send one message to a maximum of 3 email addresses by using the CC and BCC-fields.

I've deleted a message and cannot find it, where is the recycle bin?
Once you delete a message, it is gone, no recycle-bin is available.

Your site uses cookies, what are they for?
See the cookies-page for a detailed explanation.

I've another question
Good for you!